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Conference at the occasion of the installation of the chair "Religious Diversity and the Epistemology of Theology/Religion": Religious Diversity - Philosophical perspectives

Datum: Donnerstag, 24 September 2015 - Donnerstag, 24 September 2015
Ort: VU University Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105, The Netherlands
Veranstalter: Faculty of Theology at VU University, Amsterdam


At the occasion of the installation of the chair ‘Religious Diversity and the Epistemology of Theology/Religion’, the Faculty of Theology at VU University, Amsterdam, holds a


Key speakers: Nicholas Wolterstorff and Joseph Margolis. The new chair, Dirk-Martin Grube, will hold his inaugural lecture.

Please register for the conference before 16th September with Miriam de Leeuw:

In The Netherlands and other countries, adherents of different religions live side by side. Since those religions claim different things to be true and prescribe different ways of life for their followers, issues emerge such as tolerance and respect for other religions (including the limits of toleration and respect), (interreligious) justice, and dignity. It is thus crucial to determine how we can deal with competing religious truth claims and moralities in a constructive fashion.

The faculty of theology at VU University is home to almost all major world religions and has a tradition of focusing on issues revolving around religious diversity. It is thus happy to announce a conference in which those issues are discussed from philosophical and religious perspectives. The goal of this conference is to clarify (some of) the most burning conceptual problems revolving around religious diversity.

‘To that end two leading philosophers (of religion), Joseph Margolis and Nicholas Woltersdorf will give a lecture. Two respondents will give feedback on both lectures from theological and ethical per-spectives. The conference will be concluded by the inaugural lecture of Dirk-Martin Grube.’