Liberal Theology Today

The label “liberal theology” is inextricably interwoven with 19th and 20th century theologians concerned with the connections between modernity and Christianity. Although most of these theologians rejected this label, it has established itself as the name for a theological trajectory which engages with the transformations of Christianity in modernity. In spite of the critiques which tried to expose liberal theology as a modern sell- out of Christianity, the liberal trajectory has never disappeared. On the contrary, it has experienced a number of revivals and reincarnations that highlight its continuing relevance.

Accordingly, this conference will explore the significance of the tradition(s) of liberal theology for today from interdisciplinary and international angles. We invite presentations from different disciplines – theology, philosophy, sociology, as well as religious, biblical, and cultural studies – to grapple with questions such as:

• What are the challenges that liberal theologians have to confront today?
• Which contents in ethics and dogmatics are essential to the liberal programme?
• What characterizes liberal theology internationally?
• How can liberal theologians contribute to the current life of the churches?
• How does the liberal trajectory approach confessional and religious pluralisms?
• What criticisms of liberal theology have to be taken into account?

The conference languages are German and English. Please send abstracts (including a brief biographical blurb) of no more than 500 words to the email address below by 15 February 2018. Junior scholars, including PhD students, are encouraged to apply.

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Jörg Lauster
Ulrich Schmiedel
Peter Schüz
Barbara Rappenglück (Office)


Link to PDF-Document: Call for Papers (Englisch)