The Search For Moral Common Ground. 21-23 March 2022, Utrecht, The Netherlands

From 21 to 23 March 2022, the Moral Compass Project of the Protestant Theological University, The Netherlands, organises the conference The Search For Moral Common Ground. In this conference we explore the possibility of a shared moral compass in a climate in which constructive debates about morality seem to be rare: on the one hand, positions are highly polarized. On the other hand, there seems to be a significant relativistic tendency.

Can we still have meaningful conversations about matters of morality? Is there a shared moral language between representatives of opposing positions? Is there a shared ‘moral compass’ that could guide conversations about morality? If we do find each other in shared ideas about matters of morality, is this only on an abstract level, such as an abstract idea of human rights? Or is it only on a practical level, such as the consensus about the need for accessible health care or freedom of speech? Or on all of these levels? How do we balance our search for a shared moral framework while taking into consideration the particularity of people’s moral frameworks? What are the role and importance of religion and theological reflection in these matters?

Confirmed keynote speakers are Michael Banner (UK), Gabriël van den Brink (NL), Jennifer Herdt (USA), Sabine Roeser (NL), Rebekka Klein (GE) and Nicholas Adams (UK).

The Call for Papers is now open. More information about the conference (and application) can be found here.